Motorcycle Safety & Insurance

Motorcycle Safety & Insurance

Summer is almost here! Hopefully the warmer weather is here to stay for awhile! Warmer weather brings out more motorcyclists. Motorcyclists have numerous safety issues to be aware of to make sure that they are as safe as they can be while they are on the road. Did you know that many motorcycle fatalities involve older riders who once rode in their early years and then decided to take it up again after the age of 50? If you own a motorcycle or are thinking about owning a motorcycle, the National Safety Council has some important information of which you should be aware. Click here to make sure you know everything you need to know so you can stay safe while riding.

The majority of drivers on the roads, however, are not motorcyclists, so those who are driving cars, SUV’s, and trucks need to make sure that they are on the lookout for motorcyclists since sometimes they are not easy to see. Indiana Farmers has some important safety tips on sharing the road with motorcycles. Click here to brush up on sharing the road with motorcycles!

To make sure everyone stays safe on the road it comes down to using good judgement, following the safety precautions for operating a vehicle or motorcycle, not being distracted, and just using good, common sense. Enjoy the warmer weather, and be safe!

Jane Freeman is licensed in Property and Casualty Insurance at Peck and Wood Insurance.

Photo credit- Jane’s cell phone and some spring hyacinths at the Nashville, TN Zoo (This was just before the Stay At Home Order was issued.)

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