Enter To Win $100.00!

Enter To Win $100.00!

This year Small Business Saturday is on November 28.  The purpose of this day is to remind consumers of the important role they play in helping small businesses to be successful.  Of course this is not the only day of the year that we as consumers should visit small businesses. We should be their customers often throughout the year.  Small businesses are the heart of our communities. 

Peck and Wood Insurance will be promoting small businesses again this year during the month of November leading up to Small Business Saturday.  We are excited to be having our 2nd annual drawing this year for the $100.00 cash giveaway!  The entering process will be virtual, and the drawing will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 25, just before Thanksgiving.  The idea of the drawing is that the winner will be encouraged to use their winnings to support a small business or two in the area. 

You are all invited to participate! If you own a small business in the area or you know someone who owns a small business, or if you have ever been to a small business, we encourage you to enter the drawing. There are no strings attached! Click here to enter the drawing.  Comment in the message section that you would like to enter the drawing for $100.00. You must be an Indiana resident and over 21 to enter.

  If you are a business owner, we would like to promote your business by sharing information about your business. What are your specialties? Do you have any upcoming promotions?  If you are the owner of a small business in Anderson or Central Indiana and you would like for us to promote your business on our Facebook page, LinkedIn,  and on our website blog, click here.  Make sure to enter the important information that you would like for us to promote in the message. 

We are looking forward to promoting area businesses and finding out who will be the lucky winner!  Enter the drawing today! Entries will be accepted up until Wednesday, Nov. 25, at noon.  The drawing will take place at 5:00pm on the Nov. 25.

Jane Freeman is licensed in Property and Casualty Insurance at Peck and Wood Insurance.

Jane Freeman
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